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Tariffs – atb card credit

Popular operations
Transactions at the ATMs of Azer Turk Bank 2% (min. 1 AZN/USD/EUR)
Transactions at the POS-terminals of Azer Turk Bank 2% (min. 1 AZN/USD/EUR)
Conversion commission (non-cash exchange) – at the rate set for all operations carried out with the Bank’s payment cards 0%
“Card to Card” service 2% (min. 1 AZN)
“SMS Notification” service 0 AZN
“PİN Change” service 0 AZN

Service Tariffs
Card service fee Regardless of the term of the credit line, the payment card is issued as a gift for a period of 3 years
If the card is lost or rendered unusable 15 AZN
If the client’s card has become unusable through no fault of the client * 0 AZN
Erase PIN service (in case of absence / loss of PIN-code) 2 AZN
Change of card status (closing, activation) and unblocking card 0 AZN
Unblocking an incorrectly entered PIN code 0 AZN
Mobile bank service 0 AZN
Quasi-Cash (transfers, credit payments, etc.) 4.00% (min.1.00 AZN/USD/EUR)
Unique (lottery, gambling) 4.00% (min.6.00 AZN/USD/EUR)
Fee for unfounded objection to payments  Məbləğin 0.1% (minimum 10 AZN – maksimum 50 AZN)
Adding a card to the international “stop list” in case of loss 20 AZN
Sending cards or PIN-envelopes by mail (within Baku)** 10 AZN
Sending cards or PIN-envelopes by mail (to other regions of the republic)** 20 AZN
Sending cards or PIN-envelopes by mail (outside the republic)** 60 AZN

* A new card is issued only when the client presents a card that has become unusable. The lifespan of the new card is the same as the lifespan of the old card

** Cards and envelopes with PIN codes are sent separately

Cash withdrawal fee ATB CARD
Credit cards with a grace period of up to 40 days
For transactions carried out in ATMs and POS-terminals of other banks in Azerbaijan 2% (min. 1 AZN/USD/EUR)
For transactions carried out at ATMs outside Azerbaijan 3% (min. 4 AZN/USD/EUR)
For Cash advance transactions carried out in POS terminals located outside of Azerbaijan 3% (min. 4 AZN/USD/EUR)
Daily limit for cash withdrawals from ATMs 2,000 AZN/USD/EUR

At the request of the client, payment of commissions for services and products can be made in any currency accepted by the bank, in accordance with the tariffs. In such cases, the exchange rate set for all transactions with the bank’s payment cards  is taken as a basis

Settlements for card transactions are made on the basis of exchange rate set for all transactions with the bank’s payment cards  is taken as a basis

Cashback and income on the balance of debit accounts
Income on the balance of the debit account* 5% per annum
Gas stations 1%
Online 1%
Electronics 2%
Restaurant and cooking 2%
Clothes and accessories 1.50%
Markets 0.50%
Education 3%
Health 1%
Other payments 1%

* On the debit balance of credit cards in national currency with a grace period of up to 40 days, a daily interest rate of 5% per annum is calculated, and paid monthly (the maximum amount of interest accrued is 25,000 (twenty five thousand) manats)


  • CashBack program is for domestic payments only
  • CashBack is not calculated when payments are made in foreign currency
  • CashBack is calculated for payments in national currency with cards in foreign currency

Transactions not included in the CashBack program:

  • Utility payments
  • Mobile operator payments
  • Government payments
  • Loan payments
  • Card to Card
  • Unique cash
  • Transport
  • Insurance
  • Quasi cash

Loan terms
Loan currency AZN
Loan term 12 months / 24 months / 36 months
Loan amount Min. 500 AZN – max. 20 000 AZN
Unsecured loan amount Min. 500 AZN – max. 5 000 AZN
Grace period Up to 40 days

Interest rates
Up to 12 months 26%
Up to 24 months 27%
Up to 36 months 28%

Age limit 20 – 60
Workplace Anyone with official income
Work experience Total of 12 months, at least 6 months at the last place of work
Net official income Min. 700 AZN
Guarantor’s net official income Min. 500 AZN
Note: In case of delay in payments, a penalty of 5% per annum may be imposed on the amount of overdue principal debt
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